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A Headache specialty practice established in 2007 to serve headache sufferers

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The goal of the Dallas Headache Association is to provide – The diagnosis and treatment that will help headache sufferers regain a better quality of life.



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Headache is one of the most common health issues which challenge physicians and other health professionals. The symptom of head pain is a frequent cause of human suffering and disability


As a specialized headache practice for headache management we offer a range of therapies for patients in whom comprehensive services are essential to address the multifunctional components for their headaches


The diagnostic and therapeutic protocols used at Dallas Headache Association are evidenced based with consensus-drawn guidelines. The care of each individual patient is a team approach integrating clinical experience and current available data to provide optimal treatment for the headache sufferer.

Our practice includes caring for patients who

Patients who have not responded to medications and have a history of recurring acute care needs or progressive persistent headache.

Patients who have undergone multiple diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and in whom the diagnosis remains uncertain or questionable

Patients who have had frequent emergency room visits, who have used hospital inpatient services excessively, and who have overused pain medications