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Headache Diary

A daily Headache Diary is one of the most important tools in managing headache pain and frequency, tracking the characteristics of an individual patient’s headache

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What are Nerve Blocks?

Nerve blocks are performed on nerves that supply the sensation to various parts of the scalp. They are often used to treat different types of

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Additional Patient Resources

Additional Migraine and Headache Publications

  • Migraine and Other Headaches by  William B Young MD and Stephen Silberstein MD
  • 10 Simple Solutions to Migraine: Triggers, Control Symptoms, and Reclaim your Life by  Dawn A. Marcus MD
  • Understanding Migraine and Other Headache by Stewart Tepper MD
  • Migraine and Headache by Alexander Mauskop MD
  • The Woman’s Guide to Managing Migraine:  Understanding the Hormone Connection and Find Hope and Wellness by Susan Hutchinson MD